Many of our patients have been kind enough to leave comments on various dentist rating websites expressing their satisfaction in our practice. We have transcribed a few of them here. In addition, we have been listed in Washington Consumers' Checkbook as a top pick in the Washington, DC area!

All service was great! My dental technician did an excellent cleaning and I love their computer program that shows your potential cavities. I was able to see for myself whether I had problems or not.

I felt like they did not over-recommend things and were supportive of preventative methods and giving teeth the chance to bounce back with proper hygeine before jumping to "You need a filling". I had some questions, and they had no problem answering them
Elle B. , Arlington VA

10 Stars if Possible!
After the cleaning Dr. Cotes came in and he was great as well. He gave me a full dental exam and even took time to explain the clicking I get in my jaw. He gave me multiple options for teeth whitening and even told me the prices so there would be no up front surprises depending on which method I went with. He took the time to answer any question a threw at him and without trying to rush me out for the next patient. Not really sure what Megan S. is talking about in her review but I did see her only other review on the site was negative as well...just sayin...

I would give Dr. Cotes and his staff 10 stars if it was possible. Everyone knows going to the Dentist is a crappy process. I didn't think it was this possible to have a decent time at the Dentist Office and be taken care of in a timely manor!!!
Dustin S. , Arlington VA

Dr. Cote is just that good. I was referred to Dr. Cote by a friend at work, and I am SO thankful for that reference. The man is a consummate professional, has a friendly staff and has provided me with nothing short of stellar care for the last year. He explained things to me that my lifelong dentist never took the time to do before (like, how I can proactively strengthen the enamel on my teeth). He's got hi-tech gear that indicated areas where future problems might crop up and he's kept an eye on them during every return visit. I have never felt empowered and reassured in a dentist's office, but Dr. Cote is that good.

Dentistry can be a very personal enterprise, and since I had the same dentist since birth, finding a new dentist in DC was a harrowing experience. I actually walked out of three dentists offices (too sketchy for my tastes) before settling going to Dr. Cote. I live in the District, but I'm willing to suffer the indignity of Pentagon City just to have Dr. Cote take care of my teeth.
Evan M. , Washington DC

I've recently seen Dr. Bridget Buck at River House for my dental work, and I absolutely love her! She is a wonderful dentist who really knows her field. She answered all my questions and makes you feel very comfortable (which can be difficult when you go any dentist) with what she is doing.

Although I'll admit I was a little turned off at first by the smallness of the office, what they lack in aesthetics is made up for with their technology. Their xrays are 3d and their computer system can identify even the earliest stages of tooth decay. After your exam they go over each tooth and discuss what the data means for you. It was pretty awesome - I'd never been exposed to technology like that!
The ONLY thing I didn't like was that their doors are open during the procedures, and sometimes other dental aides come into your room for supplies and whatnot and try to talk to the Dr. when you're laying there getting your teeth drilled. Made me a little anxious, like please, can't you see she's busy here..?!

If it weren't for that, I'd give the place 5 stars. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes probably. Never felt I was being overcharged. I've definitely recommended her to several of my friends who are looking for a good dentist!
C.S., Washington DC

I am thrilled with the service.....What can I say. I am thrilled with the service and the care I received. Thanks to Dr. Cote, not long ago I got a new smile. The home tooth whitening system really works. I debated for a long time whether I should get that done or not. I am happy that I did. This is by far the coolest dentist's office I have ever been to. From the moment I booked my appointment, I have nothing but happy experiences. It was a pleasure to come here as a patient and I will make sure I refer my friends here. What a great job!
Janet M., McClean VA

The receptionist was extremely friendly, and was patient in finding a convenient time for an appointment for both my husband and I to come on; unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if Dr. Cote sees patients on the weekends (either for new patients, or in general), so getting a morning appointment was kind of annoying. However, they do accept our insurance, and with all the raving reviews, I'm excited to have a dentist that could possible be our permanent one! The patient forms were sent to us right away in the mail, which was convenient, so we could fill it out before arriving at our scheduled times.
H.H. Alexandria, VA

Excellent Dentist and staff, the best I've ever been to. They don't over-charge and seem to have enough patients that they don't try to sell extra/unnecessary work like other dentists in the area. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, and take the time to explain things and answer questions.
The trick is getting there: the office is in the ground floor of River House Apartments, which is a huge building facing S. Joyce St. behind Pentagon Row. Go to the font left corner of the building (facing Joyce St.) and in to the 2 unmarked doors between the gym and other small business. Then down the hall more than half way, and his office door is on the right
Manda J., Chicago IL

'heart' Dr. Cote and his staff! Everyone is ALWAYS super friendly whether in the office or on the phone. I've been going to Dr. Cote's office for about 2 years now (on the recommendation of a friend) and I will never see another dentist again! The dental hygenist is awesome and SO gentle! It's not her fault I don't floss regularly... ;0)
They have all the latest technology, which makes up for the small office space.
I called to make an appointment recently and was told that the next available appointment was in January. When I mentioned that I think I may have a cavity, they put me on a cancellation waiting list. I had an appointment within a week! They are all SUPER GREAT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Roxanne A. , Alexandria