Invisalign® in Arlington

Straight teeth are beautiful and provide a multitude of health benefits in conjunction with aesthetic improvement. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth, which include a more confident smile and easy oral home dental routines. Some avoid seeking orthodontic treatment despite their need, for fear of the aesthetic and lifestyle changes associated with metal braces. At The Dental Office at River House, we offer Invisalign clear aligners as the solution for discreet and effective orthodontic treatment.

David P. Cote, DDS, and his team at our Arlington dental practice stand by Invisalign as the preferred method to straighten smiles. With the heap of benefits accompanied by this contemporary approach, it’s not difficult to see why Invisalign is a popular choice for both dentists and their patients.  

The Dental Office at River House offers all options within the Invisalign system: 

Invisalign Go integration with the iTero digital chairside monitor allows us to show patients exactly what to expect as they progress through their treatments. This software shows patients their projected progress with individualized 3D images. 
Invisalign Teen to ensure your teen completes their course without the exorbitant replacement costs of lost aligners.
Invisalign Express is created for patients whose crowding or spacing problems can be corrected with fewer steps than average Invisalign. In increments of 10 or 5 stages, Invisalign Express creates beautifully straight smiles in less time than ever.

Propel Accelerated Orthodontics

Dr. Cote utilizes contemporary acceleration orthodontics enhancement, Propel® Orthodontics to streamline his patients’ Invisalign experience. The Propel system works with our patients’ biology to speed up their orthodontic treatment by 50%.

Using vibration, Propel stimulates bone remodeling. This allows the teeth to shift as quickly and painlessly as physically possible. The vibration creates microscopic perforations within the alveolar bone, the part of the jaw that houses the teeth roots.

The Benefits of Invisalign 

It’s not uncommon for patients to avoid traditional orthodontic treatment for personal reasons. Some find the prospect of wearing bulky metal hardware unacceptable, despite the immense benefit of the results. Many of the trepidations felt by potential orthodontic patients are mitigated by using the nearly invisible Invisalign orthodontic method.

Choose Invisalign from Dr. Cote and discretely straighten your teeth while maintaining the look of your natural smile. Patients can remove their aligners at will, to take photos or attend important events. Patients can expect a straighter smile in months provided the retainers are worn on an average of 22 hours per day.

Our Invisalign patients do not have to alter their diets. The aligners are removed before eating, which allows patients to eat their favorite foods as well as keep their retainers clean and undamaged.

Visit Dr. Cote for Invisalign and More

As a preferred provider of all forms of the Invisalign method, The Dental Office at River House can help you reach your optimal oral health goals. With his advanced technologies like Invisalign Go and Propel Orthodontics, Dr. Cote is Arlington’s choice for beautiful, straight smiles. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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All service was great! My dental technician did an excellent cleaning and I love their computer program that shows your potential cavities. I was able to see for myself whether I had problems or not.

I felt like they did not over-recommend things and were supportive of preventative methods and giving teeth the chance to bounce back with proper hygeine before jumping to "You need a filling". I had some questions, and they had no problem answering them

Elle B. , Arlington VA

10 Stars if Possible!
After the cleaning Dr. Cotes came in and he was great as well. He gave me a full dental exam and even took time to explain the clicking I get in my jaw. He gave me multiple options for teeth whitening and even told me the prices so there would be no up front surprises depending on which method I went with. He took the time to answer any question a threw at him and without trying to rush me out for the next patient. Not really sure what Megan S. is talking about in her review but I did see her only other review on the site was negative as well...just sayin...

I would give Dr. Cotes and his staff 10 stars if it was possible. Everyone knows going to the Dentist is a crappy process. I didn't think it was this possible to have a decent time at the Dentist Office and be taken care of in a timely manor!!!

Dustin S. , Arlington VA

Dr. Cote is just that good. I was referred to Dr. Cote by a friend at work, and I am SO thankful for that reference. The man is a consummate professional, has a friendly staff and has provided me with nothing short of stellar care for the last year. He explained things to me that my lifelong dentist never took the time to do before (like, how I can proactively strengthen the enamel on my teeth). He's got hi-tech gear that indicated areas where future problems might crop up and he's kept an eye on them during every return visit. I have never felt empowered and reassured in a dentist's office, but Dr. Cote is that good.

Dentistry can be a very personal enterprise, and since I had the same dentist since birth, finding a new dentist in DC was a harrowing experience. I actually walked out of three dentists offices (too sketchy for my tastes) before settling going to Dr. Cote. I live in the District, but I'm willing to suffer the indignity of Pentagon City just to have Dr. Cote take care of my teeth.

Evan M. , Washington DC

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.