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Orthodontics in Arlington, VA

Did you know that more than 30% of orthodontic patients are adults? Nowadays, the benefits of orthodontics are not just for kids and teenagers. At The Dental Office At River House, our dental healthcare professionals are committed to providing orthodontic solutions for every patient of every age, from children to adults and everyone in between.

Our in-house orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of any issues associated with malocclusions. These individuals are trained beyond the scope of a standard dental school and have additional education on orthodontics specifically.

How Can Orthodontics Assist You?

The concept of orthodontics spans back hundreds of years. While the basic principle has stayed the same, modern advancements in orthodontics, have changed the way we look at malocclusions.

Our oral health care professional can schedule you an appointment at our Arlington, Virginia, location to determine how orthodontics can help reshape the perfect smile you’ve longed for. Orthodontics can help to create a long-lasting smile while treating some common conditions in the process, including:

  • Most aesthetic problems which prevent the patient from having a straight smile due to a misaligned tooth (or teeth in some cases).
  • Overcrowding due to insufficient space which would prevent the normal growth and development of adult teeth naturally.
  • Reshape and restructure of the jaw, face or lips for a healthier, more natural look.
  • Anteroposterior deviations or discrepancies such as an over- or under-bite.

What Solutions Are Available?

After working with you to determine your goals, The Dental Office At River House will discuss what orthodontics solutions are available and create a plan. Our top priority is your health and safety, so what might work for one patient might not work for others, which is why we take our time and thoroughly explain all the options available.
Some of those options may include:

  • Traditional fixed orthodontic braces which feature metal or ceramic dental base. These are fixed to either a top, bottom or both row(s) of teeth which will enable proper tooth alignment over time and may require adjustments periodically.
  • Removable appliances which entail headgear to correct overbites or retainers which aid in jawbone reform to correct underbites.
  • Invisalign solutions which are the latest technology in dental aligners. This orthodontics treatment is completely transparent and does not interfere with normal functions such as chewing and swallowing food because it can easily be removed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding orthodontics or other dental treatments, we invite you to contact us in Arlington, Virginia. We can provide more information on what oral health care solutions are available to you and how you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!